Protect Your Aluminum Fence by Keeping Your Landscaping In-Check

Aluminum fencing is available in a variety of designs, colors and heights. When you contact Everlasting Fence Company, a fencing company near Willow Grove, PA and surrounding areas, you can count on expert technicians to install a final design that is low maintenance and will never rust. The impressive strength and durability of the materials, along with a coating that’s resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping, makes aluminum fencing an ideal option for homeowners looking to install a protective enclosure on their property. Below are three things that you can do to your landscaping in order to protect the structural integrity and longevity of your aluminum fencing design:

Request Annual Tree Services

Falling branches and limbs from trees can cause serious damage to your fencing. Yearly maintenance will help you to prevent large debris from falling from the sky onto your aluminum fencing design. By having trimming services performed, weak or extremely heavy limps will be cut away so the fencing below will be appropriately protected.

Be Careful About Planting Shrubs

Planting shrubs around your home and near to your fencing can truly enhance your property’s curb appeal. But if shrubs are planted too close, your fence might eventually become damaged. The design might get weighed down or roots might grow underneath, causing the integrity of the structure to weaken. If you’re going to plant shrubs near your fence, make sure they’re positioned a few feet away.

Implement Trellises for Climbing Vines

Although aluminum fencing designs are often popular with climbing vines, they can actually be detrimental to the stability of the fence. As an alternative to allowing the climbing vines to grow on the aluminum fencing, implement trellises for the vines to attach to. Trellises will add more aesthetics to your landscaping, while also preserving the fortitude of your fencing.

By requesting annual tree services, being careful about planting shrubs too close, and implementing trellises for climbing vines, you’ll be able to preserve both the appearance and purpose of your aluminum fencing design. Installing a fence is a serious investment—so make sure you safeguard the structure and keep it out of harm’s way.

From aluminum, custom wood, chain link, PVC, and steel fences in Glenside, PA to pool fences and privacy fences in Chestnut Hill, PA, the experienced technicians at Everlasting Fence Company are more than prepared to guide any property owner throughout the process of having a fence installed. Call 215-886-3539 or visit their website to learn more about their comprehensive services today.

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