3 Great Fence Options for Your Dog

If you’re thinking about installing a fence to protect your dog (and maybe your neighbors), here are three great fence options to consider:

1. Chain Link Fence
By installing a chain link fence in Philadelphia or any of its surrounding suburbs, you can provide a suitable boundary for the newest member of your family. It’s clear that you want your pup to have freedom – while not running away or darting off into the street- but how much fencing do you actually think you need?

If you’re really not interested in improving the aesthetics or curb appeal of your home, then a chain link fence is the best way to go. You can choose from a variety of colors and thicknesses based on the needs of your property. Unlike most wooden or PVC fencing models, chain link fences tend to offer the greatest level of transparency, which means that your best friend can still observe the world around him or her without getting lost!

2. Wooden Fence
With a wooden fence installation in Chester County, PA or any of its surrounding areas, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: The good ol’ traditional look and a solid enclosure for your new pup!

You can choose from a variety of designs including stockade, solid board, shadowbox, tongue & groove, post & rail and a number of picket fence options. Wooden fences, of course, have some of the most elegant patterns. Although they’re normally more affordable than most other models, wooden fences continue to offer exceptional quality, and still help to improve the curb appeal of homes everywhere.

3. PVC Fence

Nobody can ever go wrong with PVC fencing; it’s virtually maintenance-free and designed to always give off that “clean” look. Plus, PVC fencing is known for its resistance to cracking and fading. Unlike wooden fences, PVC fences aren’t susceptible to rotting or termite infestation; instead, they’re constructed with dependable materials that can hold up for ages.

PVC is even available in many of the same styles as wooden fencing. So, if this is the way you want to go, you can still enjoy the durability of PVC, while improving the curb appeal of your property with an eye-catching design similar to that of wooden models. On top of its sharp, clean look, the protection that PVC fencing can provide for your dog is simply just another great advantage of this style.

Don’t wait any longer to install a fence on your property! You’ll give your pup the freedom he or she needs, while having confidence in their protection the entire time!

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