If you’ve recently contacted your local fence installers in Philadelphia and had a beautiful new fence added to your yard, you may be surprised or upset to find that you’ve already found a hole in the fence. Although new fences are much less likely to have a hole than an older one, new fences can still be damaged during the fall thanks to more and more animals running through residential properties in preparation for winter.

Many animals frantically search for food and shelter throughout the fall before winter arrives. Raccoons, mice, squirrels and other furry critters use the fall season to explore areas around them to sniff out new places to find warm places to build a nest for hibernation or a good spot to collect nuts and other types of food. Unfortunately, this means that many animals may be exploring residential areas that they haven’t been seen around before.

If animals find a source of food in your yard, it’s likely that they’ll do anything to get into it. This can result in them burrowing through or under your fence! One of the most important things you can do this fall to help keep your yard free of animals and avoid fencing damage is to stay on top of any damage in your fence and get a professional from Everlasting Fence Company to correct the problem before it becomes larger as bigger holes can encourage more animals to use your yard for food and shelter.

Throughout fall, make sure you’re keeping your eyes on your fencing. If you notice a hole or scratch marks, make sure you contact our team at Everlasting Fence Company, the experts in wooden fence installation in Delaware County, PA, to close the hole before it becomes larger.

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