Turning Back Time with Fence Restoration

Anything that we leave outside ages very quickly. Being constantly exposed to the elements makes maintaining any outdoor equipment a difficult task for most people to handle. When you think about keeping up with your property, you don’t often think about your fence as something that needs regular maintenance — and it doesn’t. Of course, ensuring its general functionality is important, but have you thought about how its appearance has changed since you first installed it? What if you could turn back time on your fence?

At Everlasting Fence Company, we offer fence restoration services that can do just that. Additionally, we install everything from aluminum fences, chain link fences, railings, picket fences, and even PVC fences in Glenside, PA and the surrounding areas.

The beauty of a fence restoration project is that the fence you want already exists — it just needs a facelift. There are many benefits to these kinds of projects, so we’ve laid them out for you right here.

Environmentally Friendly

Restoring your fence is an environmentally-conscious decision for homeowners looking for a way to rejuvenate their property without being wasteful. If your fencing still has plenty of structural integrity, and you’re generally happy with the way it looks, revamping it with our restoration services means that no one is cutting down any new trees for your project, and that’s a good feeling for all of us.

Gives Your Property New Life

Perhaps the most obvious reason you might want to have your fence restored is because it will give your property new life — the feeling of a new beginning. Here’s an example of one of our projects:

After the restoration process, the property looks entirely different — almost like it’s a whole new yard.

Cost Savings

If you have an existing fence, it may feel like a financial burden to replace it with a whole new structure. When you choose Everlasting Fence Company for fence restoration, your overall cost will be decreased dramatically. The cost of restoring your fence will come through the cleaning, staining, and revitalization techniques we put in place to help your fence age better and gain new aesthetic value.

At Everlasting Fence, we offer many services aside from our restoration projects. We serve homeowners who need a professional fencing company in the Chestnut Hill, PA area and are proud of the work that we do, the service we provide, and the relationships we share with our clients. If you or anyone you know is interested in fence restoration services or any of our other outdoor ornamentation services, contact us at 800-655-3798.

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