Why This New and Innovative Product Has Reinvented Fence Manufacturing

There are many things that you will need to look for while you’re on the search to find the perfect fence for your property. After all, the industry is filled with innovators that are at the forefront of development!

SimTek fences have reinvented fence manufacturing with an array of benefits that outshine all the rest. If you are searching for a fencing company in Philadelphia, Everlasting Fence Company has proven to be one of the best in the area and offers a variety of fencing options, like SimTek fences. The SimTek fence comes in two designs. Ecostone, which is a style similar to that of a rock wall and Ashland, which is a shadow-box wood fence style.

SimTek Fence Benefits

Patented Design

Because of their patented design of rotationally-molded fencing, SimTek fences appear more realistic and offer a high level performance execution.

Stabilized Polyethylene

SimTek fences are molded of UV stabilized polyethylene, which protects its color from sun exposure as well as damage from extreme hot or cold weather. This material in SimTek provides an increase in longevity, durability, and resilience.

Easy Installation

A SimTek fence can be installed quickly and efficiently.


SimTeks Ecostone and Ecostone Plus are constructed using 100% recycled material.  

Little to No Maintenance

Unlike other fences, highly durable SimTek walls prove to be long-term cost-effective because they normally require no maintenance.

An investment in high-quality products is repeatedly proven to be much more cost-effective. If you are interested in installing a new fence, we recommend SimTek, the fence that has currently been revolutionizing industry expectations.  

Everlasting Fence, repeatedly known as the best fence company in Bucks County, PA, offers a wide range of services throughout the year. We are driven by our commitment to provide our customers with quality products and detailed craftsmanship. To ensure our customer receives the best service possible, we remain transparent in all aspects of a project, which earns our company the continued trust it deserves. Contact us at 800-655-3798 to schedule an appointment with our dedicated contractors.

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