Five Reasons to Replace your Pool Fence This Summer

Almost one-fifth of American residential properties feature an outdoor swimming pool. While homeowners and their families enjoy the many recreational benefits of their backyard oasis, not all of them reap the added safety benefits of having a pool fence to protect their children, pets and guests.

Before reading below, check out this infographic, as we’ve listed a few things to keep in mind when installing your pool fence:
As the leading fencing company in Philadephia, we recommend installing a new pool fence before the start of summer for the following reasons:

Added Safety

Pools with fences around them are considerably safer than pools without fences. If you have young children or guests that cannot swim visiting your home over the summer, it’s crucial that you look at the options available for pool fence installations.

Compliance With the Law

Swimming pool accidents can be fatal, and owning a pool is a big responsibility for a homeowner. You have a duty to protect your guests and neighbors from the dangers of drowning. In many states, it’s illegal not to install a secure pool fence. Depending on the state and jurisdiction that you live in, you may be legally required to install a fence. Be sure to check the local swimming pool regulations in the area in which you live.

Insurance Requirements

Pools are considered what’s called an “attractive nuisance” when it comes to insurance, because while people love pools, pool owners can be held liable if anyone gets hurt while swimming or playing in the pool area. Insurance companies commonly require a homeowner to comply with local laws regarding pool fences, and installing a fence around your property could get you a discount on your homeowners policy. Talk to your agent regarding your specific situation.

Increased Privacy

Sometimes, you just want to escape from the world and float in your pool without interruption. Pool fences add a new level of privacy to the whole swimming pool area outside of your home, shielding you and your family and friends from the gaze of neighbors or passersby. This is especially beneficial for people who are body conscious. Create a secluded oasis with a pool fence by Everlasting Fence!

Swimming Pool Fences are Easy to Install!

Everlasting Fence makes pool fence installation simple and affordable. Our expert team of pool fence installers can work around any landscaping or on any type of terrain to provide customers with the best possible fencing solutions. With Everlasting Fence, your new pool fence will not only be durable and functional; it will also look great.

For more information or to discuss your pool fence installation options, call the most reputable swimming pool fence installers in Philadelphia at 800-655-3798 or click here now for a free estimate.

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