Why Installing a Fence is an Underrated Home Improvement Project

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There are several benefits to installing a new fence, as you’ll see in the infographic below, that make it an essential component of overall home improvement.


One of the primary reasons that people invest in a new fence is to increase security around the perimeter of their homes. Any kind of barrier between the street and your property acts as a deterrent to trespassers, and it’s up to you to choose how high or thick that barrier is going to be.

If you have pets, fences are also an important security measure. They help to stop pets from escaping the confines of a yard area and potentially getting into trouble around the neighborhood or on someone else’s property.


From sunbathing to walking round in your pajamas or underwear inside your house, people want to feel that they have a certain degree of privacy on their properties. Fences help keep you hidden away from the outside world. Not only do they help to shield you from prying eyes, but they also make your property more appealing to potential buyers.


When you fence off your property, you help to ensure the safety of your children, pets, as well as guests who might bring young kids over to play. Fences are especially important if your pets and children enjoy playing out in the garden and you live close to a busy road. If you have a swimming pool, fences can help to significantly lower the risk of drowning for both pets and children.

Marking of Territory

For those of you that have significant landmass surrounding your property, fences are great for territorial border marking. This helps to prevent trespassers from entering your land without authorization. Erecting a fence is the perfect way to avoid disputes with neighbors as it lets them know exactly where your land starts and ends.

By installing a fence, you have the ability to gauge precisely how much space you have left for development. If you are considering purchasing a swimming pool, you can measure the area that you have fenced in and then plan accordingly.

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