Why Aluminum Fencing Is a Great Option for Dog Owners

Whether you have one small dog or a pack of huge Newfoundlands, if you’re a dog owner who also owns a home, you know all about the importance of having the right fence. But there are so many different fencing options to pick from — from high-tech invisible fences to classic wood fences to white picket style vinyl fencing, iron fences, and beyond. How do you make up your mind when you sit down to plan out your dog fence? What’s the best type of fencing for your needs as a dog owner? 

Our team of fence, railing, and trellis installers at Everlasting Fence may not know your dog yet, but we know one great option for man’s best friend: aluminum fences. Aluminum fences boast many advantages, and they’re each a part of why this fencing material is superior for dog owners. Keep reading to find out how your pup and you can get peace of mind with an aluminum fence!


The most important thing for dog owners is that their best friend stays safe in the yard. That means no slipping through loose posts, shocking themselves on an electric fence, or digging underneath the fence to make a midnight escape. Metal fencing can stand up to impact and roughhousing by even large-breed dogs. Even if you have a little Houdini (Hound-ini?) on your hands, properly installed aluminum fencing is one of the fencing options that won’t let you down.


Do you plan on adopting another dog in the future, or are you a parent? The best fence styles are versatile and can accommodate whatever you add to your property — and that includes new family members! Aluminum fences are extremely versatile, suiting any size, breed, and temperament of the dog while still doing the important job of keeping human occupants safely in the backyard.


If you need a high fence, aluminum should be the first on your list as the best fencing material for your dog. One concern our fence installers regularly hear is that their dogs like to jump (or try to jump) over their existing fence. Aluminum fences are lightweight, so they can be built as high up as you need. Even the most athletic dogs won’t be able to chase that squirrel up and over the fence…and into the road where they’re unsafe.


Hate dealing with outdoor maintenance tasks? We don’t blame you! Many homeowners love aluminum fencing because it’s extremely low-maintenance. Unlike vinyl fencing, which needs the occasional power wash, or wood fencing, which needs regular monitoring to check for rotting or other problems, aluminum fencing needs little to no special care. However, we wouldn’t be a good fence company if we didn’t help you keep your fence healthy, so we do recommend clearing debris away from the fence periodically as well as not leaning heavy or large objects against your fence, especially during winter where freezing temperatures can lead to problems.

Complement Your Property

Just because you’re trying to build a dog fence doesn’t mean you have to worry about adding something ugly to your property. Some people have doubts that chain link fencing will look good around their home or have other reasons they prefer not to use chain link fences. We understand your concerns. While chain link fencing is a popular and attractive option, especially for dog owners, there are actually many types of aluminum fencing. We can work with you to create something that you’ll find beautiful and functional!

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