What Kind of Lumber Do I Need for Wood Fencing?

Is it time to upgrade the look and feel of the exterior of your home? Wood fences are a great way to do just that, but upon walking into a local hardware store, you’ve probably noticed the depth of options available at your fingertips. From cedar wood to Douglas fir, there are plenty of choices for homeowners to consider. Take a look at the kinds of lumber most homeowners gravitate towards and what things you should keep in mind when making your decision.

What to Consider Before Selecting the Best Wood

Choosing the right wood requires understanding the various factors that impact your area. Some homeowners live in tropical climates, while others operate in dry environments. Even homes a few miles apart can have very different conditions that demand different wood species. Before choosing the wood, answer the following questions to help narrow your choices.

What Is Your Budget?

Budgetary concerns impact homeowners’ and business owners’ decision-making process with each project. The budget you set will directly impact the type of fencing you choose. A flexible, wide budget allows access to higher-quality or fancier wood. A lower budget may lead you to less expensive but less durable options.

What Is the Weather Like in Your Area?

Considering wood fences must hold up against the elements, you need a thorough understanding of the weather in your area. A rainy environment could use a wood type that’s naturally resistant to rot. A climate with wild temperature changes may demand durable woods that won’t crack and splinter.

Will the Wood Be Vulnerable to Insects?

Termites and other insects can make a home in your fence and ruin its natural beauty. Fence posts and panels in the presence of insects shouldn’t be pressure treated or lack natural resistance to insects and rot. 

The Most Popular Types of Wood Fencing

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a new fence for the first time or a business owner looking to add more natural beauty to their property, picking a species of wood for their fencing needs is critical. Here are some of the most popular options on the market:

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is one of the best wood choices as it comes with natural insect repellant in the form of natural oils. This option has a lovely scent and is a great choice for very dry and moist climates alike, as it can naturally resist rot and decay and doesn’t need much maintenance. Because it is resin-free, Western Red Cedar is well equipped to handle a variety of finishes, and there’s no shortage of home aesthetics it can match. Cedar last around 20-25 years, depending on the conditions it’s placed in, and its versatility makes it one of the best choices for anything from privacy fences to custom wood fences for your backyard.


Pine wood is one of the more common choices for fences because of its affordable cost and long-lasting properties. Pine (and fir wood) are pressure-treated woods that are great options for various uses around the home. This wood can be doused with a chemical compound called ACQ, a residential wood preservative that’s safe for the environment and protects the wood from degradation. Additionally, you can treat pine wood with a water-repellent layer for more protection in wet climates.


Redwood is a popular choice for homeowners on the West Coast because of its natural insect-repellent properties and enhanced durability. Inside redwood are tannins that provide all the protection homeowners need. Its smooth red color adds a look that most wood can’t replicate, and in many cases, it can last up to 25 years with proper fence maintenance.


If you’re searching for an option that stands out, cypress is your go-to. It, too, has a natural substance (cypretine) that protects against insects and is also rot-resistant to ensure a long lifespan. Cypress also has a pleasing aroma that can create a pleasant vibe in your backyard or for anyone entering your property.

Install the Wooden Fence of Your Dreams

At Everlasting Fence Company, high-quality custom wood fences are our specialty. Western Red Cedar is by far one of the best choices on the market for your home, and we have plenty of it to go around. Regardless of the type of fence you desire, your climate, and your budgetary constraints, Everlasting Fence can outfit your home with quality materials at quality prices. Experience the beauty of Western Red Cedar wood or other fence types that we’ve outfitted tons of Pennsylvania homeowners with by contacting us today!

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