Garden & Trellis Installation in The Philadelphia Area

Garden Arbors and Trellis

arbors and trellis montgomery county

Are you looking to add something to your garden that will take it to the next level? Everlasting Fence Company can help by installing arbors and trellis in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County and Delaware County, PA.

Our arbors and trellis will provide your garden with a unique touch and look that is bound to set your garden above the rest.


Pass by any well-kept garden or yard from Glenside to Chestnut Hill and there is a good chance you will see some beautiful arbors. These structures serve a few purposes: mainly, providing a shaded walkway, allowing for a sitting area, and also creating a structure for climbing plants.

If you are looking to completely redo your property in PA and believe that an arbor is just the touch your property needs, Everlasting Fence Company will install it for you. Arbors fit perfectly with your current or new residential fencing. (You can search through our fence supply to see what style of wooden fencing will be the perfect fit for your property.)


Another feature that is commonly seen in gardens are trellises. Garden trellis panels are made from interwoven pieces of wood. This garden feature can be placed to existing fences, or added to the roof or outside walls of a building.

Just because you live in a major city like Philadelphia, with all the hustle and bustle that it brings, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perks of maintaining a garden. Garden trellis panels provide the perfect outlet to grow any vegetable or fruit, or to simply watch as plants grow, even in a confined city space.

Vertical Gardening

While arbors and trellis will enhance the look of any garden, there is another reason to get one installed from Everlasting Fence Company: you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of vertical gardening. With organic methods of gardening becoming increasingly more mainstream, trellises give you the option to get more with less.

There are some excellent reasons behind vertical gardening, especially if you are located in Philadelphia. Here are just a few:

  • Garden trellis panels can be a space saver, letting you grow more in a smaller area.
  • You can increase crop yield by growing up.
  • Trellises make it easier to keep an eye out for pests.

There is no reason living in the city should be a disadvantage to gardening. Installing arbors and trellises on your property allows for a city resident to have just as much growing success as someone with garden trellis panels in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, or Delaware County.

If it feels like it’s time for you to upgrade your lawn or garden area, contact our office located in Glenside. Being a customer driven and service oriented company, we will gladly install arbors and trellises to Philadelphia’s surrounding counties, Chestnut Hill, Glenside and everywhere in between.