How to Keep Your Fence Looking Great During Winter

Now that the weather is getting colder, you’ll probably find that more and more of your fence is exposed as shrubbery and plants begin to die off and go dormant. This means that you may need to put a little more care into your fencing maintenance and repair to keep your backyard looking sharp.

Winter is an excellent time to reassess your fence’s condition because as more of your it becomes visible, you will be more easily able to spot problem areas and catch smaller issues before they turn into bigger (and more expensive!) ones down the road.

Our team of fence installers and experts in Philadelphia know that the type of winter maintenance and repair that you will need will heavily depend upon the type of fence that you have.

Metal fences are particularly prone to rusting during the wet winter season. While small patches of rust can be treated at home with a bit of sandpaper, larger sections of rusting may require professional restoration.

If you have a wood fence, be on the lookout for patches of mildew and mold that have started to take root in your fencing near the ground. They will become visible as more and more plants die off or go into hibernation for the winter.

Power washing is a quick and easy way to treat minor mold or mildew growth. If the area has begun to rot, you will likely need our professional fencing team at Everlasting Fence Company to assess the damage and determine whether or not the fence is still structurally sound.

Thanks to the lower possibility of landscaping damage, now is the perfect time to get the fencing maintenance or wooden fence installation in Chester County, PA that you need to keep your home looking and feeling its best! Contact our staff at Everlasting Fence Company today to learn more.

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