Chain Link vs. Ornamental Steel: Which Fence is Right for You?

A fence provides reliable protection against all types of threats. While any fence has benefits of some sort, not all fencing materials are created equal. Two of the most popular fencing types are chain link and ornamental steel.

But which among the two options is the right fence for you? Well, when choosing the ideal fence for your application, consider security, cost, location, and appearance. The following are the other things to help guide your decision-making process:

Property Value

The right fencing should enhance your property’s physical appeal and boost its resale value. Property value is a critical consideration when choosing between a chain link and ornamental steel fencing. Although a chain-link offers a cost-effective solution in the short term, it may lose its aesthetic appeal with time to lower your property’s resale value. That is why most homeowners associations (HOAs) and neighborhoods have laid down regulations that restrict the use of chain links in their jurisdictions.

On the other hand, ornamental steel such as aluminum fencing is available in various styles, colors, and designs. They are also quite durable and water-resistant, meaning they won’t lose their appeal easily. Aluminum fences are investments that last for a long.


Unlike chain link, ornamental steel fences are available in an array of styles and color options. They are also available with limitless accessories to complement your home design. Chain link offers little customization, while ornamental fences allow for further tailoring to match your exact requirements. You can customize your ornamental fences by adding elegant accessories such as butterfly scrolls, circles, tri and quad finials, as well as ball caps.

Ongoing Maintenance

Another essential factor to consider when choosing between the two options is the maintenance needs of each. There is hardly any comparison between a chain link and ornamental steel/aluminum fencing when it comes to maintaining your fences. Chain link fences tend to rust over time when exposed to elements and thus need regular maintenance. On the other hand, ornamental fences are made of extremely durable materials such as aluminum that are maintenance-free thanks to the powder-coated finish.

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