Panel Lumber and Picket Top

Red Cedar

Light weight yet exceptionally strong, cedar wood naturally resists decay without preservative treatments. An installation of a cedar wooden fence ages to an attractive silvery gray. Our red cedar sections are constructed with 2×3″ Red Cedar Backers and Aluminum nails to prevent streaking.

Available in 1″x4″, 1″x6″, 1″x6″ T&G, 2″x2″

Pressure Treated

Pressure treating is a process that forces chemicals deep into the wood’s cells. The treatment produces greenish-brown lumber that resists attack from insects, microorganisms and fungal decay. Pressure treating can cause cracks, known as checks, in the lumber. Checks are normal and do not impact the structural integrity of the lumber.

Available in 1″x4″, 1″x6″

Custom Wooden Fencing


Wooden Fence Styles

Choose your custom wood fencing from: Rail & Wire, Picket, Stockade, Solidboard, Shadowbox, 2×2 Picket, Tongue & Groove, Lattice & Trellis, and Toppers

Most of our wooden fencing can be customized using different picket tops or styles. This photo shows the different picket tops available for solidboard, shadowbox, and picket sections. The options for different wooden tops are also shown. These tops are available for solidboard, shadowbox, and picket sections.

Privacy Fence

There is a wide variety of styles when it comes to custom wood fencing. If you are looking for something to give privacy to your yard, here are some options to choose from:

Stockade 2


Stockade fence is the most basic privacy fence you can get for your yard. This style of wooden fencing is our only one made of spruce wood, and it is pre-manufactured and delivered to our yard in 8’ wide sections. These sections are available at heights of four, five, six and eight feet. For these reasons, spruce stockade is the lowest quality of privacy fence, and thus the cheapest option. This is a stocked item.

1x4 Solidboard


Solidboard fences are custom-made sections built in our woodshop. Sections are made of western red cedar, which is an outdoor wood and holds up much better than the spruce. The grade of our western red cedar is 2 or better, which is a high quality of cedar without an exorbitant price tag. This style is also available to be made in pressure-treated wood in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, or Delaware County, PA.

Since these sections are all custom made, there are a lot of varieties available for this style. Pickets can be either 1×4” or 1×6” boards with six different options for picket tops (as seen above). The pickets are attached to 2×3” backing rails. There is an option for domed and scalloped sections. Cap and face boards can be added to give the sections a more finished and framed look.

Shadowbox with Trellis Topper


Shadowbox fence allows for the perfect amount of privacy and will allow your yard to “breathe”. This wooden fencing has sections that are made by alternating pickets on both sides of the backing rail. When looking straight on at a section, the fence appears solid. However, when looking at the section at an angle, the other side is visible. This style has the same options and variations available as the solidboard.

Framed Tongue & Groove

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove sections are the sturdiest and most durable of all our red cedar sections. They are made with 1×6” tongue and groove boards and framed around with 1×4” boards on both sides, which gives them the same look from either side. There are not many options for this style of fence; however, they look great with customized toppers! This is a stocked item.


Horizontal Fence

Horizontal Fencing

There are countless styles and extensions available when it comes to horizontal fence installation. We construct and build horizontal fences, most commonly using cedar wood. We view the construction and horizontal fence installation process as building a vertical fence flipped on its side. This creates a more modern look while maintaining your privacy.

Non-Privacy Fences

Picket Tops

Picket Tops

There are different styles available for picket fences you can choose from. Everlasting Fence offers a full line of picket top fences ranging in different wood types along with various spacing options for your picket fence.From left to right in the image: Gothic, Williamsburg, Stock Dog Ear, New Dog Ear, Contemporary, Miter Cut.

1x4 2 inch Space Picket

2” Spaced Picket

This style is available with 1×4” or 1×6” pickets. It can be made with western red cedar or pressure treated ACQ boards. The different section tops and picket tops are available for this style of fence. Just as the name states, there are 2” gaps between each picket.

1x4 1 inch Space Picket

1” Spaced Picket

This style is available with 1×4” or 1×6” pickets. It can be made with western red cedar or pressure treated ACQ boards. The different section tops and picket tops are available for this style of fence. Just as the name states, there are 1” gaps between each picket. This style of fence is BOCA compliant and can be used as a pool fence.

2x2 Picket

2×2 Picket Sections

There are different styles available for picket fences with 2”x2” pickets. These styles, as seen in the gallery, are Valley Forge, Cape May, Chestnut Hill and Sautter Panels. These sections can be made to be BOCA compliant.

Extended Rail back

Post and Rail

Split rails and posts are stocked items, with 2- or 3-hole line, end, or corner black locust posts and 11’ spruce rails.

Round cedar split rail is also available, with 10’ cedar rails and 2- or 3-hole round cedar posts.

English hurdle, slip board, and estate style sections are also available.

The post and rail sections can be made BOCA compliant with the addition of 1.5”x 4” BOCA welded wire.

horizontal fence installation philadelphia

Wooden Gates

Fence Posts & Post Tops

Pressure Treated Posts

Unless otherwise noted on your contract, your wooden gate fence panels will be installed on these 4″x4″ pressure treated posts. Pressure Treated posts resist decay and can last up to 20 years.

Note: The Pressure Treating Process can cause posts to check. Checks appear as cracks in the grain of the wood, however, they do not affect the structural integrity of the post.

Cedar Posts

4×4″ and 6×6″ red cedar posts are available as special order items. Cedar can last up to 15 years under ideal conditions, however local soil composition or termites could cut that time in half.

Galvanized Pipe Post

Panels can also be installed on galvanized pipe using special wood to metal adapters. Pipe posts will outlast any wood post – they last 40 or more years! They are set in concrete footers to increase stability. There is also an option to sleeve pressure treated posts over galvanized pipe posts to increase stability.

Post tops

Post Tops and Caps Style

There are options to increase the aesthetics of your wooden fencing and wooden gates by adding a decorative top or cap to your posts or railing. This addition can really make a difference in the final product. Depending on the style of fence, decorative post tops and caps can match the style and make the fence look complete. From left to right in the image: Flat top, Contemporary, New Dog Ear, Dog Ear, Pyramid, Gothic, French Gothic..

With our convenient location in Glenside, PA, we are ready and able to assist customers throughout the Philadelphia area. If you have any questions about custom wooden fence installations for your property as well as wooden gates in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, or Bucks County, PA, contact us for expert craftsmanship and quick installs for your complete satisfaction.

Our website also provides ways to check our fence supply and search through the arbors and trellises you can add to your property. We are always happy to help with your residential fencing needs from Glenside to Chestnut Hill and the surrounding neighboring areas. We take your visions and turn them into reality to protect your property.