At Everlasting Fence Company, we offer an impressive variety of elegant, ornamental fencing designs for homeowners interested in installing a fence that is not only elegant, but also effective in providing an ideal level of containment and protection for a property. Our experienced technicians have the necessary skillset to install any charming, ornamental fencing model. Whether you’re looking to optimize the overall appearance of your entire landscape, or provide an enclosure for an area of your property, such as a pool—our passionate fencing pros are more than qualified to complete the project. Our fencing experts are familiar with a wide-variety of fencing needs and concerns, and will undoubtedly install the most accommodational ornamental fencing design for your home.

Here at Everlasting Fence Company, we are committed to listening to our customers so that we’re able to provide them with an ornamental fencing layout—whether it’s steel or aluminum—that has dual purposes: appeal & protection. In order to determine the most appropriate design for your property, our conscientious professionals will listen closely to fully grasp exactly what you want to achieve through the implementation of a fence. Once we have recognized and comprehended your objectives, we’ll present a number of fencing styles that have the potential to satisfy your goals. Not until you and our accommodating fencing experts have established the most suitable fencing design for your property, will the installation process begin.

The wide selection of SPECRAIL fencing models offered by Everlasting Fence Company will surely satisfy any homeowner’s longing for an ornamental fencing design that has a high aesthetic value. SPECRAIL models will appeal to any homeowner perusing an ornamental fencing layout with spear points above or below the top rail, spear points that stagger, or maybe none at all. The number of pickets, picket spacing and number of rails also varies between each of the uniquely arranged fencing designs. Many of the options are even available with SPECRAIL’s patented ALUMINATE® screw-less design in all grades. Although almost all of the SPECRAIL models barely limit visibility, the aluminum Privacy Panel design consists of overlapping panels that offer an ideal alternative to similar models built with wood or vinyl.

While the SPECRAIL fencing selection offers a splendid variety of aluminum materials, we also offer a variety of steel fencing materials from the following manufacturers: Ameristar, Westmoreland II and Ironworld. Considering the reinforcement and strength of steel fencing material options, commercial, industrial and residential locations would benefit tremendously from this category of ornamental designs. The reinforced strength and integrity of steel fencing models will provide a low-maintenance, protective barrier for any property owner determined to create a more dependable safeguard for their employees or family. Although the steel fencing products are incredibly similar to the aluminum models—especially in regards to picket spacing and spear points—the superior protection and industrial-grade of the materials is unparalleled. If you’re in search of an attractive fencing design with an optimum level of deterrence and security—a steel fence is absolutely the way to go.

When homeowners are searching for an ornamental fencing design that works to enhance the general appearance, safety and value of a property, the technicians at Everlasting Fence Company are available to provide you with an affordable solution. Our familiarity with the fencing business is unsurpassed, and will undoubtedly help you to determine the most suitable design for your property. When our technicians perform a fence installation, they are determined to administer a dependable, appealing and protective boarder for any area of your property. You can rely on the professionals here at Everlasting Fence Company to implement the most fitting ornamental fencing design for your home.