Pool Fences in Montgomery County, PA

Add a little safety and security to your pool area with the highest quality, most reliable pool fences in Montgomery County, PA. We’ll install the most elegant, attractive, and proven fences around your pool.

Our installers will make sure it is kid-friendly with latches that lock to keep unattended children from entering the area. We specialize in installing a pool or privacy fence in Glenside, PA to enhance your safety.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 85% of the children who drown each year do so at their own or a friends’ pool. The majority of these drownings can be attributed to momentary lapses in parental supervision combined with the lack of proper pool safety barriers. Foremost in protecting against drowning, all experts suggest erecting barriers to provide layers of protection for a child who strays from supervision. Barriers include a fence or wall, door alarms for the house, and a power safety cover over the pool.

Our pool fences are constructed to meet your needs, and we provide exclusive features to make your swimming area safer, more attractive and more convenient. As a parent, you look for the most durable and highly effective fence to enhance the level of security for your Montgomery County, PA property.

According to the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, you should install child proof fencing around swimming pools. Another option is to go green by installing a PVC fence in Montgomery County, PA. A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting OVER, UNDER, or THROUGH and keeps the child from gaining access to the pool except when supervising adults are present. You must be aware of the potentially hazardous properties of a pool.

  • BOCA National Building Code – Enclosures for Private Swimming Pools A minimum height of 48 inches
  • Openings in the fence should not allow passage of a 4-inch sphere. Support stringers should be spaced a minimum of 45 feet apart to avoid the ladder effect or on the inside
  • Fence, gates, and post clearance from ground, buildings, or any other surface should be no more than two inches
  • Gates should open out away from the pool or hazard. They should be self-closing and self latching
  • Gate latches should be fully lockable and located on the pool or hazard side of the fence, out of reach of children
  • Latches and locks outside the fence should be a minimum of 54 inches above the ground

If you have any questions about the options and attractiveness of the pool or picket fence in Chestnut Hill, PA, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide you with a free quote and consultation to help you get the most attractive and supportive fence for your property.