Picket Fence in Glenside, PA

Add appeal to your home by setting the boundaries with an aesthetically pleasing picket fence. Typically a waist-high fence, it establishes the property line without restricting visibility into or out of the property.

Using sturdy and durable materials, a picket fence in the Chester County and Montgomery County, PA area will withstand storms and animals. We make sure we build your custom fence using the highest quality of wood or vinyl to have years of maintenance free solutions.

These fences measure between three and eight feet tall, and there are typically 1” or 2” gaps between each picket to prevent the fence from completely blocking any surrounding view. They are ideal for keeping your pets and children safely in an enclosed area.

Creating Customized Solutions that Appeal to You

There are many options for your picket fence. They are very pleasing to the eyes, and come in a variety of color formats. We’ll help you select from styles that add charm and personality to your yard.

  • 1×4”, 1×6” or 2×2” Picket
  • A variety of Picket tops
  • Lattice Top
  • Scalloped Picket
  • Cap and Face Picket
  • All Picket Fences are custom made to your specifications

Having a picket fence installed in the Chestnut Hill, Glenside, and Chester County, PA area presents many benefits to your property. We use these styles for residential properties or to accent light commercial applications, and we have trained specialists that create a private look without interrupting visibility.

A spaced custom wooden fence in Glenside, PA, or a standard PVC fence in Montgomery County, PA provides a natural appeal that adds value to your property. We consult with you throughout the process to help you choose the best fencing solution for your property and situation.

Keep an openness to your yard, and custom design each rail and picket to meet your requirements. Our focus on customer service and commitment to providing you with a quality fencing solution exceeds your expectation to leave you completely satisfied with the service you receive.

Utilizing quality materials requires little to no maintenance, so you can enjoy the safety and attractiveness of our solutions in the Chestnut Hill, Glenside, and Montgomery County, PA area for years to come.

If you have any questions about our process, or would like a free estimate at your property for our installation of pool fences in Montgomery County, PA, please contact us. We’ll thoroughly explain all of your options and provide our expert opinion on the best option for your yard.