The technicians at Everlasting Fence provide exceptional Wood Fence and Deck restoration services. By using Standard Paints Wood Defender products, our experts will completely revive and restore the appearance of any fence or deck that has been compromised by the passage of time. These products are available in the three colors seen below, as well as a variety of other Transparent and Semi-Transparent colors. The respectful and conscientious fencing specialists are more than prepared to complete any homeowner’s fence restoration project.

Our team of fencing professionals is passionate about listening to the concerns and desires of customers prior to performing an in-depth inspection of one’s fence or deck. After identifying imperfections, we’ll perform an extensive cleaning to remove dirt, grime and any other residue that’s stealing the organic appeal of your design. By washing away the filth that has been caked-on and stained the materials of your structure, its youth will be promptly returned.

With older fences or decks, our specialists will diligently apply a Semi-Transparent Stain (pigmented) as soon as the wood dries to rejuvenate the entire structure and make it glow. A Transparent Stain (non-pigmented) will be used on those that are newer so that a beautiful, natural wood look is maintained. Homeowners throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties are relieved to know that they can turn back the hands of time on their fence or deck, through the restoration services provided by the technicians at Everlasting Fence.

Homeowners that truly value the boundaries and protection that a fencing layout provides their property, are urged to allow Everlasting Fence’s seasoned technicians to perform impressive and cost-effective restoration services. They are also encouraged to revive the appearance of their deck to facilitate an increasingly comfortable and visually pleasing environment. By transforming the look of either structures, you will also feel as if a new fence or deck has recently been installed.

Our workmanship is unmatched throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, because we offer only the most driven, honorable and dedicated professionals. Every technician will ensure the revival of your fence so that the overall appearance of your property is enhanced. Breathing life back into structures that have had their youth stolen by outdoor elements, is what the team of experienced technicians at Everlasting Fence is committed to achieving for each and every homeowner.