3 Signs That It’s Time to Repair Your Wood Fence

Wood fencing is a great option for most homeowners. It provides excellent privacy, looks attractive and gives you a perfect place for kids and pets to run around and play without fear of wandering off. As a result, wooden fence installation in Delaware County, PA has grown over the years. Unfortunately, not many wood fence owners know how to look for the signs that their beautiful fence needs to be repaired.

If you notice any of these three signs of damage creeping onto your wood fence, be sure to call your local wooden fence installation experts in Chester County, PA at Everlasting Fence Company to assess the damage and prevent a small problem from turning into a big one.

1) Insect damage. Insects like ants, termites and other small pests love to burrow into wood fences because it provides them with a safe place to build their homes and lay eggs. Take a look at your wood fence, and check for signs that insects may have made a home, including visible gnawing and burrowing to a larger than normal number of holes scattered throughout the wood. If you notice insect damage to your fence, be sure to take action immediately, as smaller colonies are much less expensive to deal with than larger ones.

2) Wood rot. Even if your fence has been weather-treated, rot can affect the strongest of wood fences. If only a small section of your fence has been affected by rot, individual panels can easily be replaced. If the damage is more extensive, it is possible that the structural integrity of the fence may have been compromised.

3) A sagging fence. One of the most urgent issues that come along with wood fences is sagging. Over time, the combined effects of weather and age will take their toll on a fence of any kind. If you notice sagging, call your local wooden fence restoration service as soon as possible, as this is a sign of a large structural problem.

If you realize that you are in need of a new wood fence, contact our fencing experts at Everlasting Fence Company today!

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