The Right to Privacy: 5 Wooden Fences That Will Keep Your Property Safe & Secure

No matter where you live, maintaining the privacy of your property is important for many reasons. From protecting your family to ensuring the quality of your beautiful landscaping, there are many additional benefits to securing your home with a privacy fence. Wooden privacy fences are a popular choice, as there are various styles to choose from. At Everlasting Fence Company, we offer residential and commercial property owners services for wooden fence installation in Bucks County, PA.

With our custom wood fencing options, we can bring your vision for home privacy to life. If you are looking to install a wooden fence that keeps away prying eyes, here are some options to consider:


For a traditional option, stockade privacy fences are the way to go. This fence is constructed with wooden boards and pointed edges at the top — this wards off any potential climbers. Wooden panels in a stockade fence run vertically and sit tightly together. Not only are they an ideal option for ensuring privacy, but they are affordable too.


Solidboard privacy fences at Everlasting Fence are custom-made. Constructed out of solid Western Red Cedar, this fencing option has an extremely tight fit with minimal gapping. This fence option is ideal for properties with a swimming pool or outdoor spa.


For a semi-private fence, a shadowbox style is the way to go. A shadowbox fence appears solid, but when looked at on an angle, the alternating pickets become visible and allow you to see into the outside of the yard. This wooden fence style is popular for those who want privacy, but don’t wish to wall themselves off from their neighbors completely. A shadowbox also has a beautiful appearance from both the inside and outside.

Tongue & Groove

Our tongue & groove design is the sturdiest of our red cedar selections. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it will look the same all around. This fence style is popular due to its durable quality and appealing design.

Horizontal Fencing

Installing a fence can add to the aesthetics of your property. More recently, horizontal fencing has become a popular, modern option. The horizontal pickets are installed close together to add privacy to any property.

If your property lacks privacy, consider our wooden fence installation in Montgomery County, PA. Our team of skilled craftsmen have the knowledge and experience in the industry, working diligently on each project to meet our clients’ vision. For more information on how we can restore the privacy of your property, contact us today at 800-655-3798.

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