The Benefits of Aluminum Railings for Your Deck

If you’re considering aluminum deck railing in Chestnut Hill, PA, or the surrounding regions instead of alternatives, you should be aware that this lightweight metal comes with some fantastic qualities. As well as adding value and security to your property, aluminum railings have a range of notable advantages, as shown in the infographic below. After reviewing the infographic, continue reading below as we discuss each advantage of aluminum railings and compare them to other materials:

Low Maintenance

Aluminum deck railing systems require little to no maintenance at all. You may just need to give them a rub down with hot soapy water if you live in a particularly dusty area. However, if you opt for powder-coated aluminum railing, you’ll have a maintenance-free system that will only require occasional cleaning.

High Resistance

Aluminum will not corrode or rust excessively because it is a non-ferrous metal. This makes it one of the most weather-resistant materials available at present. Aluminum easily withstands a range of environmental elements, including UV rays, snow, and rain.

Low Cost

Aluminum deck railing systems are much cheaper than steel or wrought iron alternatives. On the other hand, aluminum costs more than wood, but it doesn’t require any time consuming and costly maintenance tasks that wood railing systems require regularly. Therefore, the cost probably evens out over time as aluminum is affordable and won’t incur any additional maintenance costs.

Aluminum Looks Great

Aluminum offers a range of designs, colors, and patterns that can match your personality and aesthetic tastes. It also manages to blend seamlessly into the surroundings, allowing home and business owners to improve the whole appearance of their property.

Steel Vs. Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum railings offer the advantage of long-lasting finish, whereas steel railings have to be repainted every several years. Steel is also heavier, making it harder to transport and handle. Aluminum offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to making it fit any porch profile; only a regular miter saw is needed to cut it into shape.

Aluminum Vs. Wood

A considerable difference between these two railing options is the fact that wood will rot over time, and aluminum won’t. If aluminum is sufficiently powder coated, it doesn’t require any maintenance throughout its lifetime. Wood will need to be treated and repaired periodically, and the chemicals used to treat this material can be dangerous.

Aluminum Vs. Vinyl

Aluminum railing systems can retain their shape through extreme hot and cold temperatures. Vinyl options will expand and contract excessively in reaction to the weather conditions that they face. Vinyl can also crack and fade due to UV radiation, powder-coated aluminum will not.

To discuss the options available for aluminum railing systems in Glenside, PA, and the surrounding areas, contact a member of our team today.

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