Fencing Supplies in the Philadelphia Area

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If you are a hands-on person getting ready to start the next do-it-yourself project around your property, look no further than Everlasting Fence Company located in Glenside, PA. We are stocked with all the fencing supplies and materials needed to complete your projects, big or small, in the Philadelphia area.

There is no project too big or complex for our fence supply. Whether you are looking to replace the residential fencing around your home in Chestnut Hill or Glenside, or considering adding arbors or trellises to your commercial property throughout the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Chester County area, contact Everlasting Fence Supply today to get started.

When Should Your Fence Be Repaired Or Replaced

It is important to make sure that your property is secured to make sure you can protect what you love the most; whether that is your kids, pets, livestock or garden. Here are a couple common types of fencing problems that may mean that it’s time to consider repairing or replacing.

  • Leaning Fence Post: If you spot your fence post leaning, our fence supply is stocked with what you need to get your fence back in its upright position. This problem usually will come about due to rotting and does not always require a complete replacement but rather a repair.
  • Fallen Panels: Because of the fierce force of mother nature during the year, certain parts of panels can fall off fencing due to storms or other impacts. If you notice that your wooden panels are damaged, you can find the perfect replacement right through our fence supply.

If you start to realize that what you thought was going to be a simple do-it-yourself repair project is now turning into possibly a complete replacement and new installation, there are a couple things you should know before installing:

  • Property Lines: While this seems elementary, it is important to keep in mind where your property line ends and your neighbors’ begin.
  • Permits: Every municipality throughout the Philadelphia area and surrounding Counties has its own building code. It is up to the owner of the property to make sure they comply with local building codes and pay any permit fees.
  • Height: For the most part, PA municipalities allow for residential fences to be 6 feet high in the back of the house and 4 feet high in the front. Our fence supply has all the proper pieces you’ll need for your install.
  • Replacing and installing a new fence for your property is no easy task, and requires a substantial amount of time and effort; from digging holes for fence posts, to mixing concrete to mount them in. You want to make sure you have all the right materials for your project in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Chester County. Our fence supply has an inventory that will assist with any small repair in Chestnut Hill or major replacement throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

    Contact Everlasting Fence Supply today to see how we can help you with your next do-it-yourself project.