4 Reasons to Install a Fence this Winter

If installing a fence is one of the items on your to-do list for the spring, you might want to reconsider when you want to have it installed. There are several advantages of installing a fence during the winter that benefit both your budget and your lifestyle. Here are four reasons to install a new residential fence this winter:

1. Save money. As you can probably expect, fencing contractors are busier during the spring and summer than they are throughout the colder months of winter. That said, companies typically offer discounts or upgraded products for the same price if you want to install a fence. This way, you can cut costs on the installation or even opt to install, for example, a vinyl fence instead of wood, or an aluminum fence instead of chain link.

2. Faster installation. Since fencing companies near Philadelphia have less work during this time of the year, you won’t have to wait to get your project started. In addition, your fence will be their primary focus, unlike warmer months, when crews are caught between a number of ongoing projects. This means that your installation will be completed faster and your installation contractors will probably have more time for those finishing touches that make every job a complete success.

3. Landscape friendly. Since your roses, bushes and plants go dormant during this time of the year, they can be trimmed back or relocated without causing long-term damage. Plus, since your grass will be dormant, as well, it won’t be affected as much by equipment, supplies and the workers. Moreover, your perennials will also be left unharmed as your crew works above them. All in all, you’re yet to start the process of making your landscape look great, so before the warm weather arrives is the best time to undergo a project like this.

4. Enjoy your yard in the spring. Possibly the biggest advantage of all is that you’ll get the installation out of the way now before the spring rolls around. At that point, you’re going to want to use your yard for a variety of activities like cookouts, birthday celebrations, family get togethers, etc. Instead of delaying all types of exciting plans and making the best of your yard when you want to use it most, you fence will already be standing strong once the temperature rises.

Whether you want to move forward with aluminum, chain link, PVC, ornamental steel, picket or wooden fence installation in Chester County, PA or any of its surrounding areas this winter, make sure you contact the pros at Everlasting Fence Company!

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