PA One Call: The Step Before Breaking Ground

Your yard is your sanctuary. Each step you take in making additions to your yard allows you to create it in your image — and we want to be able to help you. Whether you’re looking for wooden fence installation in Chester County, PA or are more interested in a privacy fence in Montgomery County, PA, we can help you build the yard of your dreams!

We also believe that you should have the freedom to be able to choose to put your fence where you want. Despite this freedom, some rules and laws dictate the placement of fencing or fence posts on your property.

The Function

The PA One Call System is a process put into place by lawmakers that ensures the builder’s and homeowner’s abilities to break ground without disturbing various utility lines — an accident which could have serious consequences. The types of lines that utility companies will check for include, but are not limited to power, phone, gas or water lines. At Everlasting Fence, we carry out the PA One Call process on our behalf to ensure that we work safely and efficiently when breaking ground on your property.

How It Works

We contact PA One Call directly, and they get in contact with all local utility companies. It can take up to 3 business days (excluding holidays) to thoroughly complete the One Call process, so some patience is necessary.

After contacting all necessary companies, they will visit the job site individually and mark all utility lines.  Careful excavation can then begin, keeping in mind that some utility line markers could be within as far as an 18-inch radius.

What Isn’t Included

Since the companies that come to check the utilities are public utility companies, they are not able to mark private lines for pools or exterior lighting. We always do our best to be mindful of these lines during excavation and installation of your fence.

It’s Over. Can You Install My Fence Now?

Yes! We can, and we will. When the PA One Call process is complete, we are in the clear and able to begin installing your fence. If the project takes more than ten days, we will have to repeat the PA One Call System, but this is rare and very unlikely.

Once we know the locations of the public utility lines in your yard, we can more effectively and accurately help you build the yard of your dreams! If you’re interested in our fence installation services or would like to schedule a free estimate, call us at 800-655-3798 today.

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