New Fence Installation — Different Options for Different Needs

When we prefer one thing over another, it’s largely in part due to the fact that there are qualities in that particular product, food, or person that falls in line with our interests and needs. Similarly, when you choose a fence for your residential or commercial property, you might have particular needs that you demand of your fence. At Everlasting Fence, the most trusted fence company in Philadelphia, you’ll be presented with a number of fencing options and choose the one that best fulfills your personalized needs.

Let’s take a look at which fence options are better suited for the following features:


While all of our fences are durable, security fences are often a favored choice for providing home and business owners with peace of mind. When choosing a fence to fulfill your security needs, you don’t need to compromise aesthetics. Everlasting Fence carries a wide range of options and can customize your security fence for any height and color. Learn what features make a good security fence below:




If your goal is to install a fence installed that blocks even the slightest view of your neighbor’s yard, your best bet is to opt for solid fencing. Installing a privacy fence will also prevent outsiders from peeking into your property. Solid privacy fences typically have tightly-spaced boards, pickets, or panels. If privacy is your main priority, choose a privacy fence crafted from vinyl, PVC, or wood. 


While providing security and privacy, a fence can certainly add an aesthetic benefit to your property. If your goal is to establish property lines and an eye-catching curb appeal, there are a number of decorative fence options you can choose from. All of our fences are customized to fit your needs, so whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, we can make it happen.

The right fencing company in the Philadelphia area should be experts in all that they do. Luckily, the specialists at Everlasting Fence are fully-equipped, experienced, and reliable. We continue to provide nothing less than top-quality customer satisfaction. Get your project started today by calling us at 800-655-3798.

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