Can My Old Wooden Fence Be Restored?

As a trusted provider of wooden fence installation near Delaware County, PA, and the surrounding areas, Everlasting Fence understands that outdoor appliances change in appearance over time. You may look out to your backyard and see that your once beautiful wooden fence is now old, faded, or that the elements have rendered it an unflattering eyesore on your property. Your first instinct may be to tear it down and put something new in, but you may not need to.

Instead of worrying about the time, effort, and cost that would go into entirely replacing the fence, consider having it restored. Check out this infographic for some pointers on the restoration process, athen continue reading to learn more about how Everlasting Fence can help your property structures look pristine again.

Infographic explaining how to restore a wooden fence

Fence Boards

Fence boards get bleached by the sun over time, and no matter how well they’re finished, they may begin to flake and peel. Boards that are in direct sunlight may show this more than others. Boards that are mostly in the shade can be susceptible to mold and mildew, especially if you live in a damp climate. We use a mix of bleach and water to clean the wood and kill off any mold.

Power Washing

A pressure washer should be used before beginning restoration. It’s crucial to spray the fence slowly and precisely to remove any stubborn stains. Spraying water won’t harm the wood, and properly cleaning it will assist the restoration process overall.


Next, any holes should be filled with putty. Once everything has dried fully, cover each fence board with stain or varnish based on the look/color you desire. After the wood is restored, the hardware that has been damaged or rusted can be replaced.

Everlasting Fence’s seasoned technicians offer cost-effective restoration services that will liven up your property by making your deck or fence look brand new again! For more information about how we can breathe life back into your outdoor structures or wooden fence installation in Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas, contact Everlasting Fence today.

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