Four Benefits of Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are an excellent choice for home and business owners looking for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective option that blends into almost every setting. As the leading provider of wooden fence installation in Delaware County, PA, we’ve created this infographic to highlight some of the critical benefits that wood fences offer. After reviewing these benefits, continue reading below for further detail about each benefit:

Infographic explaining the benefits of Wood Fences


As an alternative to metal and vinyl fencing options, installing a wooden fence is much less expensive due to the cost of the materials required. Additionally, when parts of the fence need to be replaced, you typically only have to replace one post or plank, not the entire section. Not only that, but in the majority of cases, repairs are quick and easy to complete.

Easy to Install

Due to easy installation processes, wooden fences can be constructed much quicker than vinyl and metal alternatives. In fact, by working with our team of seasoned fencing professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy your new fence in no time at all.


Home and business owners choose wooden fencing because they can create customized designs for the environment surrounding their property. Variables such as fence height, gate widths, stain colors, and landscaping options can all be custom-made to fit the desires and requirements of the homeowner and the constraints of the property as a whole. Additionally, the fence height can be adjusted if the panels need lengthening or shortening. You may wish to change the size of your fence to protect your privacy and security.

Easy to Stain

With wooden fencing, the appearance of panels can be transformed with professional gloss or stain application. This is a key advantage for home and business owners that enjoy a change of scenery. Staining updates the appearance and finish of a fence, protects against UV damage and rotting, and can help to make the wood water-resistant.

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