Top Benefits of a Horizontal Wooden Fence

When picking a fencing style for your home, there are numerous styles and materials to choose from — including horizontal wood fencing. There are several benefits that come with selecting a horizontal wood fence that easily meet your privacy, security, and other goals.

Using high-quality construction, horizontal wood fences help you maintain security and privacy on your property. We install horizontal fences that create a modern look that improve curb appeal. Here, we’ll take a deeper dive into the benefits of a horizontal wooden fence:

Style Variety

Horizontal fencing has become more popular because of its unique, highly polished look. You can choose classic cedar fence boards and stain them in the perfect shade to match your outdoor living area. Additionally, our installers can provide a variety of styles, including picket, board-on-board, and spaced board designs that help you maximize privacy without feeling closed in.


Horizontal wooden fences create a personalized fence on your home or business property. For example, we can provide easy access with gates available at various lengths. Painting your fence a neutral color can help it blend into natural surroundings and structures on the property, and you can trim fencing panels to achieve the desired height. Many homeowners place flower boxes and other accents along fence rails for a cozy, homey feel.

Long-Lasting Materials

Longevity is one of the significant benefits of a horizontal wooden fence. Sealing and protecting the wood can safeguard it from weather damage and help maintain a like-new appearance. Pressure-treated wood often lasts as long as synthetic materials such as vinyl fences.

Enhanced Privacy

If you have a pool or let your children and pets roam the backyard freely, privacy becomes incredibly important. The benefits of a horizontal wooden fence include shielding you from prying eyes; horizontal boards with a tongue-and-groove or overlapping design provide ultimate privacy. You can also choose overlapping boards that let in air and light for smaller yards.


Horizontal wooden fences come in a variety of fence designs. Since wood is biodegradable, they are also environmentally friendly. This is another one of the significant benefits of a horizontal wooden fence. By adding stabilizers and preservatives, you can minimize wood rot and termite damage without harming the planet. Also, if you decide to go with a different style in the future, it’s relatively easy to dispose of a wooden fence.

Wood Fence Installation in Philadelphia and Beyond

When making a final decision on a fencing style, there are many things to consider. However, horizontal wooden fences check off many boxes when it comes to privacy, security, and safety for your family and property. Many homeowners choose horizontal fencing boards for their elegant appearance and exciting design options.

If you need help selecting the height, type, and design of your wooden or vinyl fence, our friendly technicians are here to help! For more information about the benefits of horizontal wooden fences, reach out to our team today.

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