Can Fencing Be Installed During the Winter?

Most homeowners don’t think about outdoor renovation projects during the winter months. Fencing is no different. If you asked the average person, “Can fencing be installed in the winter?” they’d likely say no.

Whether it’s the possibility of snow, the potential for frozen ground, or the belief that home renovation companies won’t install fences during the winter months, many things prevent homeowners from scheduling winter fence installation. However, we’re here to tell you that you can schedule fence installation during the winter!

Myth: Foiled by Frozen Ground

Something many people mistakenly believe when wondering if fencing can be installed in the winter is that the ground is frozen throughout the whole cold season. This is untrue; in fact, even at times where temperatures drop below freezing, the ground takes several days to actually freeze to a point where fencing installation becomes impossible. No matter how cold you are in the morning, the ground is probably not as hard as you think it is.

Myth: Snowfall Sabotage

Just because you can’t install a fence in the winter in Alaska doesn’t mean you can’t have one installed in your own backyard! While troublesome winter weather is a real threat in states like Minnesota and Michigan, it isn’t the same in and around Philadelphia. Even though Mother Nature can still pack a punch when it comes to outside temperatures, Philly’s winters have been getting milder throughout the past decade, with only one or two large snowfalls per year. The chances that the winter weather will delay your fence project are actually quite limited. You don’t have to wait until spring just because you’re worried it might snow at some point in the next few months.

Myth: You Spend More

The question you might naturally ask after “Can fencing be installed during winter?” is, “How much more will it cost to have my fencing installed during the winter?” There is a perception that professional fence installation will cost more during the winter months. This is actually a huge myth; as a matter of fact, you can save money by choosing to begin your fence installation during the winter! Read more about the benefits of purchasing a new fence during the winter here. Some of them include faster installation timeframes and shorter wait times for custom products. 

Myth: Contractors Aren’t Available

So — you’ve decided to install a fence this winter, but you’re worried that fencing contractors are harder to find during the cold season. This is actually another myth! Contractors who work on outdoor renovation are busiest in the spring and summer as those are the times people tend to want to start their backyard beautification. You’d be surprised how much you can benefit from not following the crowd when it comes time to install a fence!

Everlasting Fence is available year-round for all of your fence installation projects. We’re among the top chain link fence installation companies in the Philly area. We also do tons of custom wood fence installation in Philadelphia, as well as PVC and ornamental steel,

The bottom line: Can fencing be installed in the winter? YES! In some cases, you can even save more time and money by scheduling installation during the winter months. Contact Everlasting Fence today and let us help you create the fences you’ve been dreaming about.

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