Should You Replace or Restore Your Fence?

Everlasting Fence has years of experience repairing and replacing wood, vinyl and chain link fences in Montgomery County, PA. Over the years, customers frequently ask our advice as to whether they should repair or replace their fencing. Our answers tend to differ from fence to fence. However, there are certain things to look out for that can give a good indication of what kind of action you should take.

For Rotting Wood

Rotten wood is a common problem in older fences or fences that have been poorly maintained. Here are some negative effects of a rotten wood fence: 

Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed by applying a coat of paint and hiding the rot. In order to ensure that your fence stands the test of time, all the rotten wood will need to be replaced. It’s up to homeowners to calculate whether it will be more cost effective to replace the rotting wood or invest in a brand new fence altogether. We recommend investing in a new fence and maintaining it properly from Day One; this will avoid rotting wood in the future.

Vinyl Fence Cracking

Although vinyl is generally a low-maintenance material for fences, damage can occur during the winter time after heavy snowfall or if the fence is physically damaged by falling tree limbs or people or lawn machinery colliding with the fence. To repair vinyl fences, you’ll need to replace the affected area. Depending on what type of vinyl fence you own, this could be an entire section of the fence panel between two posts or an individual picket.

Rusty Hardware or Sagging Fence Materials

Do gates that won’t align with the fencing around them and squeaky hinges sound familiar? These are just two of many common problems that can occur when gates start to age. However, if the fence panels and hinges are in good condition, it’s worth upgrading the parts to improve the fence functionality. If the cost of new hardware is going to be expensive, it may be worth considering upgrading your entire fence, as this will likely save money in the future — not to mention improve the overall appearance of your property.

We thoroughly recommend taking the time to prepare your fence for all weather conditions before the seasons change, and to perform simple upkeep procedures to keep your fence in pristine condition for years to come. By keeping up with essential maintenance, homeowners can save money on having to invest in a full replacement fence. For more information or to book repair and replacement services for wood, vinyl, or chain link fences in Philadelphia, click here today.


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